Fidelity for the night

The story says about the present scenerio of earth and how no one is willing to show eagerness to help her. The life which is giving us all a reason to live is fading out and the day is coming soon where its heartbeat would stop ticking.
The author here tries to compare the beat of a clock and the life of earth in a lonely cold night.

The clock ticks a ninety degree angle,a right angle; the sound which i could here distinctly in the lone winter graveyard time. Its not tick tock, it is moving all alone with its heartbeat up to keep everyone in track. So that we do not get lost in time. Responsibility quite it has taken up,huh..!! Have anyone realize it sometime?

I am the loner of this time now going on with my instincts held up in my head to wait forefront till i see the first rays of light beaming through my large french window. Thoughts come clear and broad by sitting up all night, the most exquisite phase of twenty four hours. Peace comes by and leads to some fantasy of living in serenity where everyone is doing their own job like the clock without having any selfish intentions other then to be happy by themselves and make this world a wonderful place. People unaware of corruption,crime,self interested motives; just going by the time it takes to attain their soul's purity and verity. World itself could have stand for the "Wonders of the Universe", there's no need of the seven wonders which are men built. Earth which is giving life to 6,692,030,277 people could not be just a planet to survive. Every living being lives on another living thing in the environment which completes the food cycle. The environment has to be living which is a part of the earth to complete this cycle further on. The thought that comes my way is that we are all killing the Central Processing Unit which is dying but still trying to feed its child. The after midnight silence has gone deeper and it has so much to say but all in vain. Who would speak for her? Does every child betrays their parent for dedicating their whole aura and sacrificing the things which they have not got yet.

Mere silence which is becoming dicey as time passes by. I gently pull back some strands of hair from my forehead as I blink indefinitely to make myself realize the loss i will have to face in the futurity. My heart stops a beat but tries to cope up as the clock do all the time till its dead. I am incapacitated to do something for my parent. I wonder there might be someone more concerned,caring and responsible among those millions. If millions of others are not worthy, one worthy person could change life and time. Together we can make, alone we will break it..

The End

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