Fiction: The Canine Condition

People say what is Fiction and what is Real. But what do they know? Can everything they say be proven? Fiction tells the facts.


 They say that many things are only fiction; that they aren't true and can never be. But who's to say that things that are hard to believe are completely impossible? The world is full of wonderful things that are beyond human imagination. If you don't believe it then here's a question, how can a bumble bee fly when scientist say it can't? Think about it, not even scientist can answer all of the world's questions. These stories are true and completely liable, if you believe it... seeing isn't believing, feeling, now that's believing.

                This is the beginning of believing, this is The Canine Condition.

Chapter one: Random Animal Attacks

I had an intense feeling of Déjà vu, I hated the feeling. It was just a random feeling that came from the pit of my stomach and made my breathing shorten and my eyes water. The worst part was that my eyes were watering while I was looking at the sexiest girl in class, her name was Chelsea. Her skin was the color of hot chocolate and the light loved to reflect on her skin beautifully, she had long silky black hair that fell a little past her shoulders, and her eyes were hazel. Her lips were full and I bet really soft, she had a great body that was only thick where it was needed, like her chest and her backside; everywhere else she was lean but completely full of muscle.

 She was extremely athletic and was easily one of the most popular girls in the sophomore class of 2010. The seniors all asked her out multiple times, she always turned them down but that never discouraged them. She'd been single all year, which confused me, she could have any guy in this school if she wanted to, and I bet the teachers would quit their job to get her. I'd ask her, but I was afraid of being rejected. My chances were pretty slim to none.

It was okay though, I had different things to worry about. After school I walked into the forest, deeper and deeper I ventured until I came upon a huge cabin. I'd made this a while back. It was a safe house, for those with what is known as a fictional disease. I liked to call it the Canine Condition.

Those with a special gene become werewolves when that gene matures. This happens between ages 16-19 years of age. When it occurs, the first change is during the full moon; they are wild with pain and kill any animal in their path. That's including any humans. I was the first werewolf in the area, at least to my knowledge.

 It's hard when you're all alone, I made this place so that any werewolf who stumbles upon it can stay here unless I find them first and bring them here. I help them learn to control their phases. It's said that we only change during the full moon when the truth is that we are only forced to change during a full moon. There are so many myths about us that I've unraveled. I went inside and turned on the news and what I saw shocked me at first.

"There have been ten animal attacks in the last two day," the announcer said. "All of them have had there throats ripped out by some kind of wild animal that accidentally wondered into the city...." I turned the T.V. off. This wasn't a random attack, something was killing innocent people and I knew it was a werewolf. I had to find him/her before even more people got hurt.  I pulled off my shirt, shoes and socks. 

All a male werewolf should wear when he's about to change are pants or shorts because everything else ripped to shreads. I ran into the forest on all fours, I jumped up and exploded, there was a painful burning sensation, but it passed. Soon I was in wolf form and was running toward a weird smell in the air. It was another Canine, and she was covered in blood.


The End

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