The Fate of Ficletdom

I hurried through the streets of Ficletdom and my heart raced faster than usual. The wound in my side still bled but I had to press onward. I was hunted and I knew it. My breath came in ragged gasps but I kept going. My bag was heavy and threw my balance off but I didn’t mind the weight. It was a good one.

It reminded me that I held the fate of Ficletdom.

It was so close to the deadline. We had tried to pretend it wasn’t happening all around but it was so close. Less than a month away and finally we had awakened. So many attempts: so many losses. A tear slid down my face as I remembered my friends that were gone. I had resolved to be different. I would succeed for them.

I heard a noise and pressed myself tightly against the building. I was closer to their headquarters and security was tighter around here. Ficletdom wasn’t like it used to be. Fun and Fancyfree. Where one could ride giant cheeses around and no one would care. But times weren't like that. You didn't see giant flying cheeses anymore.

Suddenly, I heard a siren. Voices all around me. My bag was taken away and I felt a sharp pain in my gut. More blood. It didn’t matter: I had failed. Ficletdom was doomed.

The End

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