New Kid

“Make up my mind,” I muttered bitterly. Jas just laughed and watched me go back into the changing room. I had been trying on dresses for an hour now and she just told me to go and try on a dress I had tried on fourty-five minutes ago. I took off the green strapless, definitely not for me, and pulled on a blue one with sleeves. Much better.

“Now that’s way better than the other one. I don’t know what we were thinking.” I rolled my eyes. We. Ha. I had no clue what I was doing. I wouldn’t even be going to the dance if it hadn’t been for Jas. She forced me, I swear. Actually, she just kept saying that something out of this world was going to happen. I admit, my curiousity had been peaked. After we finally agreed on the blue dress, haha still funny, and I payed for it we continued to walk through the mall. It had been our sanctuary all summer long and now we relished the few moments we were able to steal during the school year.

“Hey, girls.”

“Hey!” Jas kissed her Kyle, her boyfriend, and I walked over to a bench farther down. When they got going, it was best to be far away. It was sorta nice to be alone anyway.

“Uhm, hi. I’m Josh.”

The End

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