The Perfect Set-up

“Make a wish!” “Smile!” “You’re gorgeous, dollface!” “Has anyone seen my pants?”

Shay giggled and closed her eyes. She knew that no one really made a wish on the candles, but she couldn’t help herself. Then again, this was her magic birthday. A little silliness could be allowed. Fifteen on the fifteenth. It felt like it had taken fifteen centuries rather than measly years to get to this point in her life. Now, what to wish for? What, indeed?

A guy was just too eh. Besides, she already had to most amazing guy! And money or a car seemed way too superficial for Shay’s tastes. She hadn’t even started driver’s training yet. Not that she was even sure she wanted to. She already had the best friends ever so she couldn't wish for that.

She sighed inwardly and just blew out the candles. No wish. Just a slight outward breath that extinguished the fires of fiteen candles. She looked at the clock and groaned. It was such a perfect set-up. 11:11 on the dot when she could’ve wished on her birthday: fifteen on the fifteenth. Her boyfriend came around behind the chair and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“What’d you wish for?”

She gathered her face together in a smile and turned around to kiss him on the lips. "Something special," she whispered mysteriously as she felt a twinge of guilt.

The End

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