The Cliche Girl

My eyes watered. I wasn’t sad or anything. As a matter of fact, I was angry. No, anger doesn’t cover how I felt. I was positively irate! He felt that he could just waltz in and walk all over my heart like that? Like I was just some girl. Like he was more than just some guy.

“Hey, Trace! We’re over here!” There he sat, just like always, with all of our friends. They didn’t know. He didn’t even know. Of course, Lily did. Lily knew all about it. I mean, I guess I see why he did it. Who’d go for me when there she sat. We were best friends and yet so different. She was the popular one and I was just that girl who sat next to her in Bio. That shouldn't have mattered to Lily, though. Even if it was a hopeless case, I still had the right to stick to my hopeless case and she should've respected that.

“Yeah, come one!” There she sat with her little grin. How could anyone find it appealing? It just covered up the malice inside. Even though she’d ‘never take a guy from her best friend.’ She’d ‘never do anything to hurt me.’

She should’ve known. She should’ve seen how I acted around him. She was my best friend, after all.


“I’m coming!” Not like I’d ever told her. She should’ve known anyways. He was mine.

The End

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