She Fell Quickly

Snow settled in Seria’s hair and she brushed it away impatiently. Just what she needed: snow. She tightened her cape around her shoulders and encouraged her horse to move faster. It would only take a little bit longer. They had just a little over a mile to go and, even though she and the horse were tired, she knew they were after her. Seria started to sweat despite the cold and yelled at inwardly at herself for getting so scared. Nothing would happen. She was safe inside Queen Victoria’s realm. And she'd be even safer when she got to town. She spurred her horse into a gallop.
Brennan watched as the messenger kept making her horse go faster. She seemed worried, frightened even. He grinned: just what he wanted. The girl was unimportant in his view. The queen already knew what she was up against. But his master wanted to be sure she was aware he meant business. It was Brennan’s job to send the message. He grinned as he followed the girl at a faster run: this should be fun.
“My lady?” Queen Victoria looked at the man curiously. She'd been waiting for a rather important message from the good King William. The man gulped, “There’s been another murder.” He handed her a small, tightly rolled up piece of paper. She broke the seal and read the content in terror.

She fell quickly. Just like your pathetic reign will.

The End

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