Perfection: The Fire Rose

Faera yawned. It was still dark outside. She tried to get back to sleep but was too wide awake. She stretched out as far as she could go and felt the tips of her wings brush the walls. If she was awake she might as well enjoy it.

Faera’s fingers lightly skimmed the walls and a petal moved forward, letting her get out. She lightly hopped out of the rose and let her wings catch a breeze. She thought the rose looked a little dead without a light in it at night, like faeries give when they sleep in their fragrant homes, so she opened it up again and carefully breathed into the middle. She left only when she was satisfied with the cheery glow from the eternal fire she had given it. The fire danced happily inside and gave the flower new life. "Perfect"
Tammie felt her breath catch as John got down on one knee. She felt the tears fall down her face as she watched his mouth move with words she couldn’t hear as he pulled a small black box from his pocket. She got the gist of what he was saying, though. When he was done she murmered a quiet, “Yes, John.” He smiled and slipped the simple ring on her finger and handed her a single rose. It almost seemed to glow as she looked from it, to the ring, to John. "Perfect," she whispered to herself.

The End

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