It Wasn't Much

“Nu-uu-uh,” Lisa closed her eyes and concentrated on the tune in her head, “Down up down.” She thought if she could only get one more note she could put a couple words to it but nothing seemed to fit. It wasn't much but it was a start. She opened her eyes when a loud voice called out to her.

“Lisa, will you just shut up?”

She tried to fix a glare on her face before turning to the one guy she couldn’t hate, “Oh yes, Clay, because you’re sooo quiet.” Everything left her mind as she stared into his caramel eyes.

“I know,” he told her with an easy smile that always made her heart flutter, “So I heard what went on this morning. It’s the new school scandal. Everyone’s talking about it. No one knew you were so irresistible.” He had a braggy undercurrent to his voice as he walked away, lightly bumping his arm against hers. Lisa shook her head at his gossiping and unconsciously rubbed her arm on the spot where it had touched his. It wasn't much but every touch always sent shivers up her spine. She went to leave before she noticed something fall out of his pocket. She picked it up to yell and give it to him and when she stopped.

It wasn’t much. Just a jawbreaker. It had a smiley face on the wrapper. They came in all sorts of colors. It was Lisa’s favorite candy. Clay couldn’t stand them. And this morning, Lisa had found a bag of them in her locker with a note saying they were from her secret admirer.

The bag had been open. With only one missing.

The End

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