Then She was Gone

Lightning streaked across the sky.

Emma watched it from her lonesome perch on the side of the lake. A burst of wind crashed into her face and she sighed. ‘A perfect day turned into this?’ she thought as she drew pictures in the sand. She heard the voices of the search party but prefered to stay on the beach by herself, wrapped in thought. She sadly watched as the sluggish waves made their way up the beach and erased her drawings.

An automobile crash took her mother and a freak accident airplane crash took her best friend, Jade, on the same day. And. as if whatever God there was was mocking her, it all happened on her birthday. Her birthday! And they expected her to keep going? To live as though nothing had happened?

They were wrong.

She got up from the sandy beach and walked closer to the lake. In her mind it was the right thing to do; the only thing to do. Memories jumped to the front of her mind in an attempt at saving her. Memories of her mother and her collecting sea shells on this very shore. Memories of her and Jade making sand castles as they laughed. They offered her a look into the future: the faces of her dad and brother when they found her body on the shore. If they found her body. But nothing helped. Her feet moved her forward till the water was at her chin.

She paused; then she was gone

The End

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