Rainy Nights

Rain glanced out her window and tears fell down her face to match the raindrops that  kept falling harder and harder. Everytime she cried it rained. This time was worse; it was a full storm. She looked out her window and gazed, mesmerized, at all the city lights. Usually she could make out a person or car but today was different. She could only see little dots of lights.

Just like what always happened at school: she went and all she got were little bleeps on her radar. No friends or enemies, like she usually categorized them, but bleeps. It hurt to sort them out now. Not even Janie could appear as a friend. Not since this morning. Not since yesterday. Not for months.

She had taken her councilor’s advice and took matters into her own hands. It was strange how the physical pain didn’t hurt like it used to. The emotional hurt was enough.

Rain grasped the sleeve of her shirt and looked at the scars and fresh cuts on her wrists. They brought back memories. The memories were all she had. She had to keep them. They were better than what was the reality of now. Better than life.

The End

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