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Anything following isn't part of a series they're just Ficlets I wrote that I don't want to lose that don't have any series to go with them. Anyone else is welcome to do so in here, as well. Mine may be slightly different since there is no character limit now.


White Walls

“You know I tried to run away once,” I didn’t know why I was telling them everything but it seemed like that’s what they wanted; and I wanted her to stop crying. I hated tears. “I always forget why, now, but I did. Then I tried to kill myself another time-”

Another burst of tears came from the woman standing behind Mr. Givard. I didn’t know who she was but I didn’t like tears from anyone. The man standing next to her looked sick. He also looked angry and kept looking at me with...with...a glare. Why? Mr. Givard never cried when I talked to him. He seemed pleased that I told him the bits that I did. I was confused.

“Why are you crying?” I got up and walked over to the woman. “I don’t like it when people cry.” She looked at my earnest face and cried harder. I was even more confused than earlier. “It all happened in the past,” I grinned at my use of the word ‘past’. It was a new word Mr. Givard taught me. “I’m better now. I’m happy.”

Why was she still crying? Mr. Givard turned to me and gravely asked, “Why weren’t you happy?”

The End

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