Protagonize Towers

I poked the green glow.  As my finger entered it, it disappeared. When I placed my hand farther in, I think I felt wind. Wind. I hadn't felt that for I don't know how long.

Hm. What could I loose? I leaped in through the green glow.

I landed in a meadow and rolled a bit. Shading my eyes, I sat up and surveyed the landscape. Sunny. Grassy. There was a building in the distance. I got up and walked toward it.

As I walked, I realized I was hungry and tired. I'd deal with that later.

The sun was low, a quarter of the way below the hills, when I stopped at the front door of the building. The wording above it announced that it was Protagonize Towers.

I looked up at the building and realized it was drastically taller and larger than Ficlets Towers. I walked into the air conditioned lobby.

"Hi. Welcome to Protagonize Towers," a girl behind a desk said as I walked in.

"Hi. What is this?" I looked around.

"This is a collaborative writing-" she started, but I interrupted.

"Check me in."

The End

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