The electricity had gone off. I lay in the fetal position in the pitch black elevator, neither me nor the elevator moving.

I heard the sound of metal striking metal.

First, a pinhole of light showed where the door was.

Then a moon.

The hole slowly got bigger.

Then, a man's head popped in through it. "Take my hand!" he put his hand into the blackness.

I gripped his wrist and he helped to drag me through the hole and out the crumpled elevator. "Let's get out of here," he picked me up fireman style. "This place is gonna go down any second."

As soon as he ran out of the hotel, it imploded. I watched as my writing haven disappeared before my eyes. I think I cried.

The man screamed as I felt wind going against us. I strained to find out what he screamed at. Right in front of us, a black hole was swallowing everything in sight.

Then we got swallowed.

I couldn't see anything. I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't hear anything.

Then, I opened my eyes. Blinding white stretched out everywhere. No horizons. No people.

I was all alone nowhere.

The End

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