A Prelude to the Loss.Mature


The monitor light shot through the room and enveloped me closer. I could feel myself hardening underneath my clothes, yearning for more. I clenched my teeth together and clicked the link.


Carnal images flew past my vision sensors and I could my lenses shattering. Images of men pierced inside, imaginary aromas flew up my nose and I clapped my mouth shut, afraid to let my gasps out. I tasted my body's rising heat in my saliva. My blood simmered in anticipation, ready for what my eyes would grasp ahead of me.


I moved the cursor over to a man with a bright,smile. The  warm color in his green eyes contrasted with the muscled ivory than dominated the rest of his anatomy. My finger shivered before steadily clicking on the man's square.


The man's picture faded away and the square expanded wider to cover the screen. A ten-minute timeline came up and the man reappeared, with the fading headline, “Ethan Rogers”.


Ethan lay upon a black leather couch. Nothing covered him except a  pair of baby blue Calvin Klein briefs hugging tightly to his body. Ethan set his eyes on me, and I felt a twinge shoot through my body. “What do you want me to do for you, sir?”


I gasped lightly, glancing at my door. I found solace on seeing the locked door and lack of sound. My parents were fast asleep down the hall.


My eyes returned to Ethan, who proceeded to run his hand down his sculpted chest, his washboard abs, sliding his fingers past the elastic band of his briefs. A sound escaped from my mouth, leaving me in a state of slow shallow breaths.

Ethan's eyes rolled to the back of head and closed as his fingers grasped and began to move in an upward motion. My eyes drew wider at the pleasure pulsing through his face.  He bit on his lower lip tightly, and his body began to heave in line with his slow hand movements.


My hand found its way into my boxers and unbuttoned the top flap, relieving myself of restraint. My fingers quivered as they embraced inside. Indifference drove through my veins and I was afraid to continue. At that moment, Ethan's eyes reemerged, locked on me, lost in lust. He nodded.


Go ahead little boy. You know you want to.”


The End

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