Hailyn tells you all about it.

"Paul was amazing!" Hailyn gushes.  Here we go, you think.  "The crew rode into town, fired off a round of crossbow bolts, and took out every single one of the goblins!  That was when the two men with wolf tattoos just... transformed.  Oh god, it was so scary!  Their bodies just twisted and grew and... it looked painful and must have hurt like hell!  Then, instead of two men, there were a wolf and a bear!"

You raise an eyebrow.

"I couldn't believe it either, but then the Black Tigers, they were like soldiers - they just changed their ammo to silver bolts and then BANG!  A dozen silver flashes and the were-men were running!"

"She's been going on about you like this for the last couple days," you say to Paul.

"Wow," he replies.  "We were really that heroic?"

"Oh yes," Hailyn says.

"What about Kemvar?"

Two pairs of footsteps approach, stones crunching underfoot.  Ciana helps you to your feet and you turn to see Kemvar's large robed form and a smaller, squatter - but much more muscular - form beside him, a thick long beard hanging down over his chest. There's a moment of confusion, before the familiarity comes to you.  You've seen this particular dwarf before...

"Telon," you say at last.

"Ah, I'm glad you remember my friend," Kemvar says.  "He just arrived in town with the crew of the Black Tiger."

"And missed all the fricken' action!" the dwarf growled.  Good to see ya', boy!"

Kemvar clears his throat.

"Oh yeah," the dwarf says.  "Kemvar has something to tell you."

The End

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