See how Kemvar is handling things

You wonder how Kemvar is coping with the goblins and rats; the old wizard has his staff, and his spells, and he was a hardened adventurer in his day.  But what about now?  If the old man fell in battle...

"Wait here," you say to Hailyn and Ciana.  "I need to see how Kemvar's handling things."

"Oh no, we're coming with you!" Hailyn says, before decapitating another goblin that gets too close.  "If the two of you get in trouble, you'll need us anyway."

You consider this for a second, before deciding that she makes a good point.  The three of you get moving, cutting down the few goblins in your way that stop chasing someone else and turn in your direction, only to be met with your blades.  Legs pumping, swords striking fluidly, the ugly things are little match for your charge. 

Three flashes of red light followed by the smell of burning and the flickering of open flames greets you as Kemvar battles a trio of goblins, with four more lying charred and quite dead at his feet.  However, your eyes flick to the two men with wolf tattoos to your left, charging towards him!  They're too fast!  What do you do?

The End

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