Look for your friends

Not one to which a sword is a foreign object in your hands, you race down the path into the melee and begin swinging the sword you were handed in practiced strikes, taking down a goblin in only two strokes, removing the head of the next with one, then stabbing it quickly through the heart of a third and then ripping the bloody blade free before it hits the ground.  Those two years of training with the ranger are not wasted; in fact they soon prove to be a deciding factor as you battle your way to the pie pavilion where Hailyn is fending off four of the short, ugly bastards, while Ciana huddles behind her, though helping much more than fighting by providing a magical combat protection that proves effective in turning aside goblin blades and allowing Hailyn more freedom to strike the filthy beasts down.

You arrive just in time to block a goblin spear from piercing her ribs, your powerful downward stroke splintering the wooden shaft almost in two, the useless bladed end sagging off the shaft.  You stab the evil creature in the face, and it drops the spear as it clutches at its bleeding eyes, before staggering back into a tub of boiling water.

"Thank the gods you're alive!" Hailyn says.

The End

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