Follow him outside

You follow the wizard outside, where a scene of utter panic and chaos has just errupted.  People are running around, screaming their lungs out, and hitting at a swarm of rats that are just about completely covering the entire area.  The rats bite and scratch at everything that moves, tiny claws and teeth not much to fear individually but in a group this large, are painful and frightening.  They jump and bite, jump and tear at exposed skin, sinking teeth into necks and arms.  A woman with a broom swipes half a dozen away from her, only to be replaced with twice as many.  The sound of squealing and screaming is a cacophony of panic to your ears. 

Then, charging through the crowd of panicking villagers fighting off the rodent swarm, come over two dozen goblin raiders, spiked shortswords raised high, voices a bloody scream in the night.  Before your eyes, they begin cutting down every person they see. 

One runs up the steps towards you, shortsword brandished high, crying murder in its native tongue.  It almost reaches the halfway point, before being blown to chunks by a well-aimed flaming arrow spell from Kemvar's staff. 


The End

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