Mention the men with the wolf tattoos

"Actually, there is one other thing..." you say.  The wizard perks up.  "When I stepped outside the temple to Hermes, I noticed a couple of strange men walking past."

"Strange?  How so?" the wizard asks.

"Well... you see, they never actually looked at me.  But it was like I could feel their eyes burning into my soul.  I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being scrutinised, my every thought laid bare for them to judge.  It was... unnatural."  You shudder the last word, recalling keenly still the feeling. 

"That certainly isn't a nice feeling..." Kemvar muses.  "Hopefully, they're just paladins or monks passing through, searching out any evil influences in the town.  I wouldn't worry too much about it, my boy."

Fair enough, you think.

"Oh," you add.  "The men had a symbol of a wolf tattooed on their left cheeks."

Kemvar's eyes widen in alarm. 

"Quickly!" he shouts, taking up his staff and fitting a pair of rings onto his hands, then rushed over to a locked box to the side of the room.  It springs open with but a word, and from within he produces a sword in its scabbard and hands it to you.  "To arms!"

The End

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