Get straight to the point!

You get to the point.

"Kemvar, I was wondering... have you seen Paul lately?"

"The pirate?"

You roll your eyes.  "He's not a pirate..."

"Course he is.  Dresses shabbily, barely ever shaves, handy with a lock, wears a scarf around his neck and a carries a rapier... Pirate!"

'Yeah right,' you mutter.  "Anyway, have you seen him lately?"

"Nosiree, not in half a moon." 

"Ok, thanks Kemvar.  That was all I needed to know.  It's just that his ship sailed in to the harbour at Kershaw river during the week, and Hailyn, Ciana and I haven't heard head or tails of him yet.  We were supposed to meet today for a picnic.  But the only thing we met was a broken rope.  Almost fell to my death in the creek, so Ciana thinks."

"Ah, that young lass... girls will be girls, I say.  It's only in her nature to care about your wellbeing, I would think.  You should never take that kind of care for granted, lad.  You never know when you'll be in the direst need of a friend."

"Thank you," you reply, and sincerely so.  "You always have the best advice."

The End

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