Don't talk (go straight to town)

The walk is an uncomfortably silent one, no one daring to say anything, Hailyn still wondering where Paul is, Ciana quieter than usual, even for a relatively quiet person, and your own feelings in a guilty kind of state, not just for ruining the day's fun but also for bringing Hailyn's feelings out into the open when perhaps they were unacknowledged for a reason (though she seemed to be the only one not admitting their existence). 

The three of you stroll into town around sunset.  By now, streamers, banners, dancers, and lights powered by magical crystals enchanted with minor glamour spells have almost finished being set up around town.  The atmosphere is alive and expectant.  The Harvest Festival, as the name implies, is a time for fun and games, as the year's harvest has been so much more plentiful than expected that everything is free and the festivities last long into the early hours.  Quite likely, other festivals are going on in other towns; but not many attract crowds the way that Pasaveer's festival does.


The End

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