Hurry up!

You move quickly up the rope, and jump off onto the shore just as it snaps and most of the rope's length goes falling into the creek.  You just make it to the edge and grab onto the branch above you to stop from following the rope and falling over backwards.  Damn!  That was close.  Now you'll need a new rope. 

"Arrith! Are you alright?" Ciana asks, worried the way girls tend to be. 

"I'm fine," you answer, "but I almost missed the edge.  That could have hurt if I didn't jump when I did!"

"I'm just glad you're alright."

"Well, looks like our fun's over," Hailyn says, clearly just as disappointed as you are.  "Come on then, we better get going."

You leave, disappointed.  But for some reason, you just can't help wondering why the rope snapped now.  Shrugging it off as just use-related, you begin the walk back to town.

The End

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