She was going to say something. Pursue it.

"Come on, out with it," you say.  "We all know you love him."  The words sting as soon as they leave your mouth, but at least now it's out there.

Hailyn, always so proud and brash, for once goes silent, and you can just make out a reddening in her cheeks and neck.  She splutters "I... Uh- that's not..."

You do feel a little bad for doing that to her, but somehow, a part of you justifies the action.  It hurts so much, being so engrossed with everything about her, and she doesn't even show you any affection, yet she practically throws herself over Paul.  It must be the wild and dashing streak the two of them both have, his pirate-like roguishness and her free spirited nature, that went together so well. 

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said anything..." you say, only half meaning it.

"I- uh-'s ok," she says at last, taking a deep breath and then opening the bottle of winemilk Ciana hands her.  It doesn't have strong alcohol in it, the stuff is barely even considered alcohol under the law, but it has enough of a soothingness to it that calms her down somewhat.

"Ok," she says at last.  "We better get down to the creek."

The End

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