Fenira Adventure

The door closes behind you and you exuberantly dash out of the Adventure Mart to meet three of your best friends, Hailyn, Ciana and Paul at the bakery before heading off to the creek.  Hailyn, your next-door neighbour, has her auburn hair tied back and fixed with a hairpin in the style of the dancing monks of the Silver Eagle monastery, a foul look of anxiety across her face.  Ciana's golden curls obscure her face as she counts items in her picnic basket.  She looks up at you and smiles.  Paul is the only one missing, but it's not surprising, as he is a sailor on the Black Tiger and the ship only made port at the Kershaw river earlier this week.  He promised to come to Pasaveer as soon as he could, and if possibly he would meet them at the bakery when you got off work, or go directly to the creek if he missed the group there.  

"Hello Arrith," Ciana says to you.  After saying hello back, you:

The End

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