Felix RuskaMature

This is Felix Ruska

Felix Ruska

Age: 219

Age of Death: 19

Story: Burned alive in a fire.

Felix Ruska. The last of the Ruska family, well I guess you could say they don't exist considering he's already dead. Either way he's definitely an astounding young…..ghost. And very handsome, (Daydreams…) Ahem. Anyway, here is his story.

Felix's' family worked for another family, specifically the Robosk family. They were wealthy being related to royalty and such. Either way, they were definitely not nice to their butlers. Now Felix was a kind soul, and still is now. He had suffered beatings multiple times and grew to live with it. Though somehow, he still found a reason to smile. He never passed up the chance to help someone, and got in trouble for it many a time, and has never once regretted doing so. He in fact apologized on behalf of the people. Once a young couple was found on the estate, they were to be whipped. Felix took the blame saying he had invited them there, he also took the punishment. It was supposed to be twenty whips for each person. He got forty for one. And he insisted he take both. He just looked at the couple smiling sweetly.

But behind his sweet smile he was crumbling down, he was so afraid and began to flinch when his name was called. Knowing he would end up getting hurt for it. Then one day while he was defending the manor from a burglar it set on fire. Everyone managed to get out except for Felix. The police asked if there was anyone left inside, but they denied it. Later when the family found his body they buried him in the cemetery by the sea.

He roamed the earth helping those in need, but who ever saw him would run in fear and call him a 'freak'. Until one day he met Cada she smiled up at him and they became good friends, she listened to his story and felt saddened by this. So she took him by the hand and led him to her mansion. He told her he would be a butler in order to repay her. She simply waved her hands and told him to do what he had always long to do when he was still alive. So he ended up being Cadas' personal butler, she asked him why and he replied with: "I've always wanted to be a butler for someone kind." Moved her to tears that it did.

It wasn't long after that Cada considered him one of her best friends, and he grew a crush on her. (I can't just give away someone this hot,   yes I'm a greedy bitch. Deal with it.  ) That crush grew bigger and soon blossomed into love, though it was a one sided love. For Cada still thought of him as just a bestie. Still he stays by her side and will literally ignore you if you make it to obvious that you're coming on to him. Basically if you start acting slutty. But other than that he'll gladly lend a hand though he stops everything if Cada requests a simple task. He's in love with a goddess.

The End

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