Felicia the Goddess of Flowers

Felicia followed though with her tips she wrote! 


"My father told me I had powers, if you want to stay alive, I suggest you tell me what these powers are. NOW!,"protested Felicia. "Okay,Okay, your powers are that you are the goddess of flowers! See, you are graceful, beautiful, poise, elegant, and brave. The flowers bow down to you!" Exclaimed Mother Theresa. " Wow, I am a goddess! Why were you happy to keep that a secret from me?" Asked Felicia. "Because you already stole my spotlight, i didnt want you to erase my whole idenity," explained Mother Theresa. "I would never do that! I would stop people from thinking that! Your Mother Theresa, you control nature. We couldn't forget about you even if we tried! You are actually really cool." Felicia said with a smile!

The End

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