Felicia the Goddess of Flowers

"My dumpling, the time has come! Get your torches with fire at the top, sharpen all the swords, shine up all your armor, prepare the horses! The battle is on!," shouted Mother Theresa. Felicia, now approaching Oraliaville, was feeling soo anxious. This was the moment of truth. Goooter could not help,but to be supportive in Felicia need. Goooter had an motive though to switch roles. Goooter was tired of being the nice guy. He was homeless, he needed money. Goooter knew that Mother Theresa paid him while he was there. Goooter decided that when the battle began he would leave Felicia to suffer out, all alone. Goooter just had to trick Felicia had the right time. 

The End

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