Felicia the Goddess of Flowers

Felicia had no idea what was ahead. She only knew that if she was confident she could prevail! Her dad told her a saying when she was a little girl, that saying was "No matter what life throws you at, show life that you can get back up and keep going". Felicia knew that, that saying had to be kept in her head or she would doubt, crumble, fall apart. So Felicia was walking in a terrain she wasn't familiar with. She had never been outside of Andaslisha before. Her father Falcontoid was very protective of his little girl at all times. The air was as thick as mud, she could feel the coldness rise up on her body each step she managed to take. Felicia found a little dumpling sitting on the side of the gray like road singing to a Dolly Parton Tune. "Well hello fine gentleman, "Felicia said. "Yo, how do you think i am?" said the dumpling. " Um, a nice guy." Dumpling looked at Felicia and smiled. "Wow, i thought you were going to make fun of me because of my size," said the Dumpling. "Why no, i would never do that". Dumpling's face filled with joy! "My name is Goooter". "My name is Felicia". This was the blossom of a new friendship. Felicia did not know though, that Goooter was her going to be her "Knight and Shining Armor".

The End

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