N-now Mrs. Shimizu...


Missed me that much huh loser?” her lover teased before chuckling, the sound of it pulled at Veronica's heartstrings.


“No!... Yes...” She admitted sheepishly, eyes darting to the floor. Oh how Travis enjoyed the fire in Veronica, she always tried to defy him. It was cute.


“I missed you too.” Travis offered, not surprised when Veronica reached up on the tip of her toes and kissed him. It was a soft caress of the lips, nothing to major. At least before Travis reached around to...


“Get your hands away from there!” Veronica squeaked, jumping out of her skin and Travis' reach. 'Let the voyeurs have a show!' he'd always say.


“Oh my~!” Came an annoyingly high pitched voice. It scared Veronica and she whirled around to see who it was. It was Mrs. Shimizu, she'd been the person that Veronica had to sit next to on the plane.

Mrs. Shimizu was a very large woman, with a very large heart... for her cat, Tiger. There had been no stop to the many, many stories that she told her from take off to touch down.

“Oh, hiya Mrs. Shimizu” The tiny girl offered a small, friendly smile. Before seeing the look of confusion on her boyfriend's face. “Mrs. Shimizu, this is Travis,my boyfriend. Travis, this is Mrs. Shimizu, she and I sat together on the plane.”


“Hiya.” the blonde acknowledged the older women.


“Oh! Boyfriend? I didn't know you had on Verny~” she blushed and fiddled with the white gloves on her hands. “This little minx of yours- Travis was it?- had a very interesting flight. She was so frightened! She was screaming and everything.” she giggled to the best of her ability, it sounded like a strangled animal.


Veronica gulped as Travis looked down at her, an eyebrow raised in question. How could she have forgotten her freakout...


OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” she screamed, the woman next to her was ‘shushing’ her and trying to calm the girl down. “HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING WHILE WE ARE UP THIS HIGH UP IN THE AIR!” she exclaimed again before she fainted in her seat, eyes rolled into the back of her head.


Veronica blushed as she remembered her outburst. It was utterly embarrassing and she was about to go home and forget all about this traumatic ordeal. Veronica gave an apologetic grin before she turned and gave her attention back to the man in front of him.

“But you were so scared,” the lady continued, she was obviously not so good at taking the hint that Veronica was done speaking with her. “I mean, for half of the flight you were holding on to me for dear life!” she exclaimed getting a little too close for comfort.

“Yes, but I’m ok now,” she smiled at the woman stepping away from her boyfriend, “I’ve got Travis-“ she turned to give the blond some of her attention but her boyfriend wasn’t anywhere in sight. Just then, before Veronica, could get upset because the blond had just abandoned her with this woman, the cat’s cage door opened and out dashed a brown cat with the hair on the top of it’s head tied together with a red ribbon.

“Oh no!” the lady exclaimed,” TIGER!” she shrieked.

“N-now Mrs. Shimizu…” Veronica called her name weakly, backing off slowly. She was scaring her.

“You must help me get him back!” She shouted stomping over to the poor, defenseless brunet, grabbing her by the arm and making her way out of the gate.

“B-but my bags… You can’t just take me away from here! My boyfriend will come back for me! Please, let go.” Veronica begged and she pleaded as if the plump woman was going to take her life. Then she suddenly turned on her, her faces just inches from hers, her breath smelled like the garlic sandwich she’d eaten on the plane.

“Please! You have to help me!” She screeched, bits and pieces of food making their way onto pale cheeks.

“No!” Veronica screamed as the floor fell from under her and she was sent tumbling into darkness.


The End

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