Feelings On a Music Staff

Everything becomes music when you find the one special person whom you are made for.


The sunlight poured through the semi-open bedroom window. It slowly crawled across the floor and up the side of the bed. It traversed onto human flesh. Warming up a small, shy pinky toe. Before moving up a foot, a leg, thighs, stomach, torso, and finally framed a young face. It sill held what looked like to be baby fat, round and enchanting. The sunlight shone brightly on her. It created a golden halo in her highly contrasting jet black hair, the wind coming in from the window adding to the effect by gently playing with dark strands. Closed eyes allowed long, raven lashes to rest on plump cheeks; perfect for pinching and the left one owning a small beauty mark, right below her eye. Her skin a lighter shade than most, 'true ivory' her friends would tease. She was truly angelic in this state.


Darker than night arches, the same shade as her hair, suddenly furrowed, wrinkling the skin on her forehead. Full lips frowned slightly, pouting and her body looking to be in the beginning stages of panic; sweaty palms, etc. Her eyes worked mercilessly under her eye lids. This girl, Veronica, was having a nightmare.


She stretched as she exited the hallway transporting the gate to the airplane. It had been a pleasurable flight, well, except for the seats. The stiff muscles of her back thanked their merciful owner for the attention. She shifted her head from side to side, and cracked her knuckles, the relief she felt after wards making her giggle. She hoisted her carry-on bag over her shoulder and was about to make her way to baggage claim when a large hand plopped on her shoulder.


The raven jumped about 20 feet in the air before a look of familiarity formed in sapphire irises. There he was, Veronica's boyfriend. Soulmate, as she often preferred to label Travis. The way he spiked his blonde hair, so that it was always framing his face perfectly, had sent shivers down Veronica's spine the first time she got to touch them. His face had always held a sort of beauty to it, but the time they had spent apart made it feel like she was seeing Travis all over again for the first time.


She almost tackled the man, Travis being lucky that he was prepared for it managed to stay on his feet. Veronica nuzzled into him, purring as she did so. Travis was so warm...

The End

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