Feelings From Within

Sometime between 9:00am and 12:00pm a loud explosion was felt and heard by the entire east side of the first floor of a small accounting firm called CompuCal. The shrieking sounds of fire alarms immediately filled the halls of the company. As employees were still collecting their thoughts over what had just happened, a giant force was building beneath them. Without warning the entire east side of the two story building began to rumble. No one knew quite what to expect; all they knew was that they had to get out of the building. The rumbling grew louder and louder, as though the entire building was stuck beneath a jackhammer.

Finally, everything was silent. The screams of terrified employees running towards the doors, the piercing sound of the fire alarms, and the splashing sounds of the sprinkling systems raining water down on the employees, were all blocked out by an unknown force of nature. No one could be prepared for what happened next. The mounting pressure that was growing in the floor beneath them finally met the height of its power—causing a fiery concoction of chemicals and heat to burst through the bottom of the floor with a deafening sound.

Employees that were not quick enough were hurled forward in all directions—their injuries varied depending on their distance and location from the heart of the explosion. The explosion spread outward—knocking out the walls and causing the floor above to crumble and slowly sink downward, until finally collapsing completely. Soon, the entire east side of the building had collapsed—but the destruction was not over.

The fiery mix of chemicals that had been thrown up from the basement soon caused the surrounding areas of the building to catch fire as well. The water from the sprinklers caused a brief shield against the growing heat, but the odd mixture chemicals from the basement soon overpowered the damp surroundings. The fire was slowly pushing its way to the rest of the building...

The End

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