Another Year, Another Jail

       It's another year of a dreadful class. Oh dear, how I enjoyed those few months of freedom? The ring of freedom is replaced by the laugh of the wicked witches. And there is a new witch in the bunch; with a stare that sees right through you and a laugh so evil, the devil may have a run for his money.

       Those two need everything perfect; one linking verb, one point off. And everything is out of 10, it seems. 1 wrong, B. 2 wrong, C. Must I go on? And if you can't think and have writer's block then be prepared to be yelled at. The goody-two-shoes are still teachers' pets. If being popular is the easy way out then...I'll endure. I like my friends, and I won't change that to be witches' pet. Hey, with friends I can push through anything they throw at us.

      Another year, another jail. And 3 months 'til a 2 week vacation, then back to jail until summer shines some light on us.

The End

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