Popular Kids D:<

Sometimes I think she's gotten a bit loony lately. (And my mother kind of agrees with me.)

I've noticed how she only picks on our group, and just our group. Not the popular kids. Those people always get what they want and it drives me crazy. I want to do so many horrible things to them. But the law restrains me like electroshock therapy.

Look at them now, in their expensive name-brand polos, not getting in trouble for having emblems and breaking the dress code. Look at them, their loud laughter resounding annoyingly in your ears. What are they laughing at? I bet you anything that most of the time they are laughing at someone's expense.

And the teacher that always picks on us, the one that stares us down - she loves those popular kids.

Why. Why must they ruin everything.

So next time you pick on me, or my friends in our group, well, why don't you pick on somebody who really deserves it?

The End

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