Feeling the Connection....

A girl named Liza Darcy, gets paried up with a new by who just moved in and she eventually feels this strange pull or connection to him, she likes him, eventually, and they end up together, while at the same time... their familiesare falling apart.

... I head for the pots first, wen i turned around, Darcy was right there, i was just realizing that if the pot wasn' between us, our chests would be touching, as i looked at him, a strange feelin erupted throughmy cheeks, and body, shooting down through my legs and my women's centre, it was the first time i ever felt something like this.

Without breaking the penetrating stare between us, he reached up and too the pot away from me and set it on the counter behind me, when he was standing staright again, he was slowly leaning down, our lips were about to touch, i was surpised wth myself, i found that instead of leaning away like i wante to, i found myself, waiting for the touch of our lips....

I was saved from the humiliating event whente doorbell rang... i was thankful don't get m wrong, but soenthing in me wantedto e back between him and the counter,and when i opened the frnt door, i really wanted to be back there, Darcy's father was standing outside with a very strange look on his face, and i was suddenly scared. 

The End

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