Evelyn's eyes opened wide as Owen told her where the food was and that she could have some. No one had been that kind to her in a very long time. Sure every once in a while she had met someone really kind that had let her sleep with a roof over her head before, but never had anyone given her food before. Food was hard to get, so people tended to guard it well. And though water was more ubiquitous, clean water was significantly harder to find and also guarded quite well. 

"Thank you," Evelyn replied quietly. 

Owen smiled back at her. "Hey," he added just as Evelyn was about to exit, "there is a lot of scrap metal in the basement along with tools and stuff. Do you think you could start to put bars on the windows?" 

Evelyn nodded, eager to prove her usefulness to him. He may have decided that he wasn't going to throw her out now, but that didn't mean he wouldn't later. She thought about locking him in his room or even killing him so that she wouldn't have to worry about being kicked out. But she couldn't. Not after all the kindness and trust he had shown her. like that night before, she just couldn't make herself that hardened and inhuman. 

After taking the edge off of her hunger and slaking her thirst at the well, Evelyn went down to the basement to see what she had to work with. There was scraps of metal everywhere and in all kinds of different forms. There were several broken bicycles, some sheets of metal, a lot of re-bar, and all kinds of other things as well. What caught her attention though was the re-bar, that would be perfect for barring off the windows. Looking through the tools, Evelyn managed to find a drill that she could use on the windows as well.

She took the tools and re-bar over to a window and began to work. First she had to take out the window sill and drill holes through it to put the re-bar through. Next she drilled holes that lined up with the sill in the wall under the windowsill. Then she put then re-bar through the windowsill and put the whole contraption into the window and secured the windowsill back to the wall. She was about half-way done with the last window when Owen finally woke up and walked in to see how she was doing. 

Evelyn winced as she saw him. His face was a swollen mess of black and purple and dried blood. She wished there was some way she could help...the man had saved her twice and now he was letting her stay in a home, one that he had built himself by the looks of it. Everything here was made with the mindset of keeping people out, so it must have been made after the government had stepped down and everything had gone to hell. Despite not knowing her well, he was letting her stay. She was so grateful, and definitely willing to do everything she could to help. 

The End

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