"Move back from the door and stand by the dresser, if you aren't there as I open the door I will shoot you!" Owen ordered before unbarring and unlocking the door. He trained the uzi on the door then kicked it open. The girl wasn't beside the dresser. He immediately jumped back and perked up and looked both ways as his heart rate sped up. He knew it! She was trying something! He slowly walked back toward the door, keeping the sub-machine gun trained on the room he quickly surveyed the room, then relaxed a little when he saw that the girl was still sprawled across the bed. As he moved toward her he noticed that there was something across the window. 

Keeping an eye on the girl and his gun ready Owen moved toward the mesh to examine it. He shook it to test it's strength and it held up. It seemed to be made out of clothes hangers she must have found in the closet. He had searched her before putting her in the room, making sure she didn't have any knives or other hidden weapons on her person that she would be able to ambush him when he had to let her out, which meant she hadn't even had any tools to help her secure the wire to the window. That was crazy! If she could do that, what could she do with tools! How much more secure could she make this house? Maybe he could even expand his territory a little with her help. 

No. He wasn't going to make that mistake. Just because she could put wire on a windowsill didn't mean she wouldn't kill him while he slept so that she could have this place to herself, or maybe letting some of her buddies in while he slept. No, he couldn't have that happening. 

He moved to wake her up and let her know that she had worn out her welcome and that she needed to go but as he approached the bed she looked so...cute...he couldn't bare to wake her up. Long, brown hair sprawled down to her waist and had fanned out around her as she slept. She had a small, round nose that was very appealing and light freckles dappled her nose and upper cheeks. She had an ovular face with a strong jaw-line. She really reminded him of the stereotypical country bumpkin. 

With a sigh, Owen plopped himself down onto a seat and waited for her to wake up by herself. It wasn't until about an hour later that she moaned and started to stir. She didn't take long to wake up, you couldn't afford to do that when you lived out there. That could get you killed. Honestly, Owen was surprised that she hadn't been woken up when he had shouted at her to stand back from the door; it must have been muffled by the heavy wood of the door. 

She startled when she woke up with the uzi in her face and shrank back. "So long as you don't do anything stupid I'm not going to shoot you," he informed her, "but it's time for you to go, so get up and walk slowly toward the door. 

"Please! I can help you! I can make this place more secure! I'll earn my keep!" she pleaded. 

Owen shook his head. "That's not going to happen," he replied, the steel in his voice hid his inner turmoil. He really wanted to let her stay. She looked so innocent...maybe she could be his friend. He could really use a friend...even just this human interaction was actually refreshing. But he just could not risk it. After a lot more pleading, Owen felt like he was committing a crime as he finally closed the and locked the girl out of the house. But he had helped her as much as he could, there was only so much he could do. He had even returned all her weapons. 

Three days later Owen found that his food supply was running low again so he decided to go out foraging again. So he set out with his Uzi and M1 Garand again to go hunting and hopefully to find some fruit and vegetables. He had a garden in his walled courtyard which he tended often enough, but it was still growing and didn't produce enough yet to sustain him. On his usual route he kept his guard up but nothing seemed to be any different from usual. After about an hour of hiding and waiting he finally caught sight of a rabbit and managed to shoot it. As he moved over to retrieve his prey when he noticed someone hanging from the branches of a tree about twenty yards away. After bagging his kill, he went over to investigate. 

As he got closer he recognized the girl who had gotten into his house a few days earlier and gaped. She was struggling against her bonds and when she noticed Owen she looked at him pleadingly. "Help me! Please!" She pleaded. He grimaced but pulled out a knife and cut her loose. Catching her before she could sprain her ankle again, and putting her down slowly she gave him a grateful smile. 

"I guess that's the second time you saved my life," she said with a hopeful smile. 

"I guess so," Owen nodded. 

He was about to say more when a group of boys burst out from the bushes, grabbing Owen's guns and pinning him to the ground. They completely ignored the girl, who looked at them with wide eyes then turned and started to run. He didn't really blame her, that was how you lived...but she could have been a little more grateful and helped him. Now he was going to die because he had let his guard down to save her life. Again. He knew that girl was going to be the death of him. 

The boys started raining punches down on him, and as much as Owen struggled, he could not escape them. His world was starting to fade when there was a loud thunk, and suddenly the beating stopped. There was a big scuffle and then Owen felt himself being lifted off the ground and carried somewhere. He was in and out of consciousness until he was put down and shaken. 

"Hey, you need to wake up and let us in before someone sees us!" someone whispered quietly. 

Owen opened his eyes and stared up. It took him a little while to realize that it was the girl who he had rescued. She had come back and saved him. He reached up to touch her and make sure he wasn't actually dreaming and she slapped his hand away. 

"What are you doing?" she demanded, "we have to get in now!" 

Owen blinked one last time before trying to stand up. He managed to get to his feet, but immediately started to fall again. The girl caught him and supported him as he reached into his pocket and retrieved the keys he needed. He had made them himself and they were made in such a way as to make the lock impossible to pick. He unlocked the door then let them in, locking and barring the door behind them with the girl's help. There was a loud clang and she put down his guns, which she had apparently rescued along with him, onto a table near the entrance and helped him get to his room. 

"Maybe I was wrong about you after all," Owen smiled at her through the massive pain his face was in, "I don't think I ever got your name." 

"My name is Evelyn," she replied, returning his smile. 

"I'm Owen, there's a well with clean water in the courtyard and food in the kitchen. Help yourself. I need to get some sleep and recover from the beating I just got. You don't need to worry about me kicking you out anymore. I could barely do it the first time, there is no way I am going to be able to do it after you saved my life." 

The End

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