"Look, I don't have anything. You boys cleaned me out last week." the girl sniffed, tossing her head, since her dark brown hair was cut short, the effect was somewhat lost. Since she was also dangling from the rafters by her wrists, the men below her just laughed. 

"Check the stores," said their leader. three men broke off from the group and opened the store room door. The girl struggled some more, but to no avail.

"Please Darin, we were old friends."

The leader looked up at her. "Times change Evelyn. Times have changed."

"You can trust me Darin."

"Evelyn--" Just then, the three young men came out of the store room, lugging a large crate between them.

"Look what we found, Darin." One of them said.

"Glad you could find yourself a group of lackeys, Darin." Evelyn said from the ceiling. "You never did do well on your own."

"Shut up!" Darin snapped, he signaled one of his men to lower the girl. She hit the ground with a sickening thud.

"Go ahead, take the box." Evelyn tried not to let the pain from her leg creep into her voice. "Its got nothing but scrap metal in it, torn up, ready to be melted down and made into new things. Leftover from the factory."

"Take it." Darin ordered, before leaving. The men left slowly, sending glances at the girl on the floor, before leaving. Evelyn struggled to her feet and hobbled over to lock the door, before she checked her leg. Not broken, fortunately.

"I've got to move. Its not safe here anymore." Suddenly, the sound of shooting came from outside. Evelyn grabbed her gun, one of her own design, and looked cautiously out the front window. Some young man was running down the street, getting chased by Darin and his gang. Evelyn sighed, waited till they were distracted and dashed out the door and down the street, on the alert for a new shelter.

There! A house, the door was locked, but an upstairs window was carelessly left open a crack. Of course, not everyone could scale the featureless brick wall it was embedded in, and the house was too far to jump from the roof of the house next to it, so the resident, if there was one, probably thought he was safe. With some acrobatics, Evelyn squeezed through the window, opening it further as she entered. Once in, she closed the window, so no one could think of following her.

Looking around, she saw she was in a plain room, decorated sparsely, with a bed in the middle. She smiled when she saw it. She'd been sleepineg on a conveyer belt in the factory for months now.

"Get out of my house." A young man's voice came from behind her. The cold muzzle of a gun pressed against her head.

"Front door's locked. Back doors locked." Evelyn said cooly, preventing her voice from shaking. "Do you suggest I go out how I came in and break my leg? You and I both know that I'll be dead if that happens." She was getting good at talking herself out of these kinds of situations. "My ankles already a bit sprained from a fall I took earlier. If I can rest here for a few days, I'll help you make some new weapons, and make sure your security is top notch."

The End

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