I've been all over the U.S. From my birthplace, California, to Texas, to Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Washington, then all the way to Maryland. At the moment I am in Michigan for the weekend for a wedding. I love it here... It's so beautiful, peaceful, quiet, I just.. I feel so at home here. And it's been a long time since I've felt that. I NEED this. Maybe my fiance and I will live in Michigan. Maybe we'll live in a different country as planned. I just... There is so much to hold inside. It's all confusing, as it whirls around. There are those days where he's the one keeping me alive. It's the days that he puts a smile on my face, wiping away the tears. It's the days that I need him most, and he can't always be there. And I hate that. I hate the days that we go without speaking. I hate, that he lives so far from me. I want to be in his arms, and feel his warmth mixed with mine. Love is stupid. Love is blind. Love, is irritating. But it's a part of life. One of few good parts, whether or not it's the most arrogant piece of it. It's there for us, to show us a light down a dark bridge. Maybe that's what we need to fix the things we've wronged. A light, down this dark bridge. Are we so sure we aren't what's tearing the world apart? Oh, but we are. We are what is ripping the world to pieces. We deserve for it to end. And yet it won't, we are here to suffer to our own consequences. And at our own faults. Welcome, friends, to the life we've all created. Congratulations, you have broken through the window, and shown yourself the way out. Don't take it though, it's a trap. We are stuck here forever...

The End

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