Chapter 2Mature

“A Harvey Wallbanger for me, and my friend would like to try Sex on the Beach.”

It was one of the oldest lines in the book, a classic double-entendre. But he exuded charm, and the ladies all seem to love it. That was why this one was asking him what he wanted to drink, and was more than happy to buy his friend one as well. She’d first been attracted to his eyes, big and blue - it was what made her come over to him in the first place - but the wavy brown hair and chiseled jawline had kept her transfixed on him. His friend too, short brown hair, defined features, a tanned complexion. She was interested in them both, but those big blue eyes, staring at her from the other side of the club...

She walked to the bar, and caught her girls out the corner of her eye. She looked in their general direction and let out a smile and a raised eyebrow, as if to let them know she was in with a chance here. She focused on the bar, and asked the bartender for the drinks she’d been asked for, and a glass of wine for herself. The bartender, a similar figure to her blue-eyed gent that she had taken such an interest in, was quite often the focus of her affections, but tonight, there was nothing, not even a flirty one-liner. She paid for her drinks, about-turned, and headed quickly for the lounge at the back of the club.

“Ah, she’s got a great body, but I do like a redhead. They’re fiery and passionate, just like it says in those magazines you like to read.”

“You said you’d not bring that up again, Ohanko.”

“You’re right, so I did,” a smirk crawling over his face. “Ah, here come our drinks.”

The girl returned to them, and handed them each their drinks. She knelt down next to Ohanko, and stared into those eyes, a rush of warmth coming over her. “So, what’s your names?” she asked.

“I’m Ohanko, and this here’s Nissim,” he replied.

“Wow, such unusual names. I’m Sally.”

“This Wallbanger is great, can’t believe I’ve never had one before. The vanilla really adds something. You should try one, Nissim.”

“I will. You should try this, fantastic. Like a party in my mouth, and everyone’s invited. You know what I mean,” as he raised an eyebrow at Ohanko. The two traded comments about the flavours they found in their drinks, and how wonderful their drink tasted, and after a couple of minutes, they re-focused their attention on the girl, still patiently staring at them.

“Sally, go get us a couple more of the same, but we’re going to try each other’s drink this time. And, when you get back, come sit on my knee.”

Sally got up and headed toward the bar. On the way, one of her friends ran over to her. “So, what’s going on? Are they nice, do they want any more company? Do they like you?”

“I’m not sure, they seem to be, but I’m not sure they want anyone else around, I think that the tall one wants to spend time with me.” She looked around, and saw Ohanko watching her. She smiled back at him, and turned toward the bar again.

“Sally!” She followed, briefly, but turned back towards her friends to let them know what was going on; they seemed to be waiting impatiently.

Sally made it back upstairs with the drinks, slightly more inebriated than last time she made it up. She handed Nissim his Wallbanger, and sat on Ohanko’s knee, as she’d been requested. She was trying to be as alluring as she knew how, and kept bringing his drink to his lips for him, all the time, staring at him, letting her hands see where she needed to move the glass. Her other hand was round the back of his neck, playing loosely with his hair. She felt so lucky to be here, with this studly man, so ruggedly handsome. She watched him, talking with Nissim, not really listening to what was being said, just being happy with her current position; it simply hadn’t dawned on her that the man she had just bought drinks for had barely spoken with her, that when he did start speaking to her, she felt she was getting some kind of special attention.

“Sally my prettiness, how’s about you and me find somewhere a bit darker to spend some time together?” Sensing her almost predictable delight with this suggestion, Ohanko began to rise. “Nissim has a busy day tomorrow, so he is going to wait here whilst we, ah, get to know each other a little better.”

Sally and Ohanko left the lounge, Sally still very much transfixed on her newfound man. The pair left the nightclub, the girl wrapping her arms around the man she had found this evening.

“So, tell me, what are your pleasures in life, Sally?”

“Well, I like rock concerts, movies, and clubbing.” A trite answer, that Ohanko had heard many times before.

“People like gigs and movies for the same reason; they want to be the big man on stage or screen. The one with all the limelight. The center of attention. The one having all the fun. The same reason people like going to clubs, to have fun. We all just want to have fun, really, don’t we.” Ohanko was smiling at the girl he had wrapped around him, and around his little finger.

Ohanko had led them a couple of streets away from the club, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, until they reached a park bench on the outskirts of a park. Ohanko sat down and began to remove his trousers.

“Personally, I like being sucked off.” His frank honesty was surprising, but admired. Sally, a little taken aback, didn’t know what to say. “Come now, it’s all just a little bit of fun.” Sally looked at him, and overwhelmed with desire, knelt down next to him. She didn’t say much for a few minutes, and then coughed politely, trying not to spill anything.

“Oh, that was lovely, “ said Ohanko, with a big smile. ”But my, it’s late isn’t it.”

“Mmh hmm.” Sally was overcome slightly and sat, half lying down on the bench.

“Say Sally, here’s my number. Call me sometime.” He passed her a blank business card with just a telephone number on, that happened to be a couple of digits short, and not representative of his number at all. “Oh, I don’t suppose you could help me out with something? I live quite far away, you don’t have any money I could borrow for a taxi home do you?” Sally handed him her purse. He emptied it into his hand, filtered the money into his pocket, and dropped the rest on the grass.

“Thanks Sally, you’ve been a real pleasure.”

The End

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