Fee Fae Fo FumMature


The thing about Fae is that they are not evil, per se, more that they simply don’t have the same moral code as human beings; in fact, they don’t really have a moral code at all. They are whimsical and sprightly, and without a care in the world, because, quite frankly, they don’t. What the storytellers and other fable-weavers have got right however is also their ability to change the way they look. Fae aren’t hideous, always using clever disguises to make themselves seem more appealing. A fae’s true gift is the ability to change how they or their artefacts are perceived by one or more viewers. Much like most non-magical creatures, Fae are a mixture of appealing looks and not-so-appealing looks when they are in their natural state, however as one may desire some object that is owned by another, they will transform their look into a seductive form, able to take what they want for the memory of a look. Now, what a Fae wants is any-one’s guess - as mentioned, they are whimsical, childlike, and what one may want today may not be what they want tomorrow... a trinket, a beautiful stolen child to play with or raise with some unknown intent, fame and media attention, or an ever-loving heart of a human. Which is where our story begins.

The End

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