Fed up with lifeMature

I was miserable.

It was 22.36 on a Thursday night and my parents had once again given me a huge lecture on my life. Like I didn't get enough of that. They recently told me they were giving me a 'two week reprieve' in which they wouldn't say anything about me looking for a new job or getting more hours at my present one. Even through those few weeks, they'd drop hints and little comments to let me know what they thought.

It wasn't like I hadn't looked for a job; I'd trawled the internet looking for vacancies. I'd even looked at the Apprenticeships, which have a shit pay, but reasonable qualifications at the end of it. Nothing was available to me though, nothing that I could pick out anyway. Everything required more experience and buckets of confidence; two things I did not have.

My present job had me on a measly eight hours a week and I had made the mistake of telling mum I slept through their phone call that very same morning. She started harping on about how I should have called them back and how I need to start waking up earlier. I informed her that teenagers are bound to sleep in in the summer holidays, it's like a religion. Her and my dad weren't having it though.

So now here I was, bored and utterly fed up listening to depressing music to make my mood worse. The hot chocolate I had made for myself earlier sat on my windowsill, getting colder with each passing minute. I picked it up and wrapped my fingers around the mug, swallowing some. It still had lumps of cocoa powder that I hadn't stirred in properly and the water was lukewarm, but I paid no attention. It was sweet and I was in need of some pleasure. 

I briefly thought about going for a walk. It was dark outside but the area in which I lived didn't have any dramatic crime rates and I was 99.9% it didn't house murderers and pedophiles, although you never know what goes on behind closed doors. 

Besides, I was in the mood to rebel. The type of mood that makes you wanna go out and join a gang, chain smoke your life away and do drugs of various types. I had never done any of the above, but still.

I waited until my parents were asleep - it didn't take long - before quietly slipping downstairs and pulling my jacket on. I took a moment to think about what I was doing. If my parents found out, they'd be livid. 

I smiled gleefully to myself and opened the door.

The End

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