This story is a work in progress based on a completely random dream I had. Hope you like it! :)

Chapter 1

Dying isn't so bad!

The thought crept into my mind as I lay there blood gushing from my side. The pain was even fading away. I was moving on to a better place. Why did I need to live anymore? All I had ever cared about was gone. My family, my friends and my only love, all were gone to a place beyond this world. I was going to join them now.

But the blood pooling around me was draining from more than just me. The dead body of a man lay sprawled on the floor. He was the man who had killed my friends. He was the man who had killed my darling. He was the man who had killed me. He was dead! I had nothing left in this world to live for.

It couldn't be long now. I could even hear the voice of my love, as sweet as music, drifting to my ears. I'd discovered that your life really does flash in front of your eyes many times before and now was no exception as I sank into blackness!


The End

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