Chapter 1

      I woke to sunlight, it was 5:50. Just before my alarm would ring. I shut it off and stood up before running towards the mirror and pulling off my top again.

     Relief flushed through me as I stared in the mirror. My wings we're still there, it wasn't a dream, this was reality. With a light laugh stepped towards my dresser and began to get ready for school.



     "So" My mother said as she drove us to my school, I turned away from the window I was staring out of.

     "You're awfully quiet today, are you alright?" She said with a worried look in her cerulean blue eyes.

I couldn't blame her for wondering. Usually I talk very often, so much that it sometimes annoys her. The only reason I talk so much is to keep away the silence.

     "I'm fine Mom, it's just the pains. I had to take medicine for them this time" I lied. Sometimes when I can't sleep through them I end up taking medicine. Instead of feeling refreshed in the morning I always wake up feeling like I missed a whole night of sleep.

     "You'll be fine sweetie, just try not to fall asleep during class" She said ruffling my hair softly as she stopped on a red light.

    "Yeah okay, I wont Mom"

     When we arrived I pecked her cheek and slipped out of the car. She waved goodbye before and I trudged towards the school. Friends and teacher waved at me and I smiled politely, I opened my locker and tensed when I heard someone step behind me.

   "Guess who" A husky and attractive voice said as two hands covered my eyes. I turned and hugged him tightly, he smelled slightly of cologne and pine since he spends a lot of time outside.

     "Eli" I whispered into his ear. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

     "Hey Bae" He said laughing. Eli doesn't usually call me stuff like that, he's usually very respectful, sometimes distant. Today he must be in a really good mood.

     "Hi" I said squirming a little with a nervous smile on my face. I was afraid his hands might slide up my back and then feel my wings. He let me go and slid his hand into mine, not noticing my discomfort.

     Elijah and I have been going out since the beginning of our freshman year. We've gone on tons of dates, including football games and movies, we've say the L word. I just never felt like he really understood me sometimes, if I was upset about something he would never notice a thing. I on the other hand could always tell if he wasn't feeling well, and he really appreciated that. I just wished he would do the same thing for me.

He stared down at me for a moment, his amber eyes meeting mine. His golden blonde hair shone in the light. I could see the small shower of freckles sprinkled on his nose. His cheek dimples when he smiled and slipped his hand into mine and interlocked our fingers.

     As we walked on to our next class I was practically skipping. Then realization hit me like a ton of bricks. My next class was P.E.

     Last year I hadn't taken gym because I wanted to take advanced chorus. Chorus was something I was actually good at, unlike sports, and I also had a pretty good voice. Gym class meant dressing out, which meant revealing my wings to a bunch of freshman.

     I began to internally panic and my heart began to beat faster.

Thump. Ba-Thump. Thump.

     'Maybe I could sit out gym?' I thought as we reached the door.

'     No that won't work, then i'll end up sitting out the whole semester and failing the class'

     'Think, think think' We both said a brief goodbye and I pushed open the girls locker room door.

     I went right up to my gym locker and took out my belongings.

     'Where is one place I could change without anyone noticing?' My eyes searched around the room, I could stand with my back to a wall or a corner but that would attract attention. My eyes finally found the perfect place.

     'The shower stalls!' I ran towards an empty stall and closed the curtain.


     I began to change and just as I had pulled off my top the curtain was brushed aside and my best friend Marrilyn stood there with wide eyes.

     "A-Allison, you're back! You, you're -"

     "Shhhhhhh!" I pulled her into the stall and closed the curtain.

     "Why do you have wings? What happened? Are those real?

     "You can't tell anyone!" I said covering her mouth and looking into her eyes fiercely. 

     "If anyone finds out i'll be expelled or studied by the government or something. Unless you want that to happen to me just keep it quiet" She nodded slowly, as if now understanding how bad the situation could be. I knew her very well and I knew that at times she was trustworthy, but sometimes she was too excited to keep it in. At least she understood this.

     "Last night I had pains again, and I think I understand why. I was growing WINGS Mari. They're too small to carry my weight right now but I think they're going to get even bigger" I flapped wings a little and that made her silver eyes grow even larger if that's possible. The all of a sudden she frowned,

     "But if they're getting bigger, what are you going to do when they're too big to hide?"

     I hadn't thought about that, and the more I did the more terrified I felt.


      "Alright everyone, today we're going to play a new game, capture the cone" Mr. Gordon said after a loud blow from his whistle. We all sat in the center of the floor and he began to explain the rules.

     "There are four mats, two cones on each one and two on each side. Those who are wearing the Jersey protect the left side and those who aren't are on the right." He said gesturing to both groups. I was on the jersey side of the room.

     "You're goal is to get all of the cones or get the most before we run out of time. You can get tagged if you're on the opposite side by the other team and you'll have to get to this large cone which is the jail. Go ahead and get to your sides and start when I play the music." We all went to our sides and began to for our groups.

     For some strange reason I was chosen to be on offense and I had to be used as a decoy, apparently because I wasn't fast enough to try and get a cone. This bothered me a little but I just went ahead and did as they told me.

     Soon enough we had almost every cone, there was one left but everyone else on my team was in jail. They we're screaming at me told tag them out but I wasn't sure. I felt the urge to run towards the mat.

     "Allison! Allison! Over here Allison!" NOW they needed me, not as a decoy but to bust them out. Well I wasn't about to do that.

     Normally I would just help them and let them do all the work, but today I felt like trying.

     I searched for an opening and the moment I found one I ran as fast as I could. My surroundings began to blur and everything seemed to slow. I was able to get past them and at the same time avoid their outstretched hands. The next thing I and everyone else knew I was on the mat and holding the cone.

     Instead of protests like I had expected  my teammates we're suddenly cheering.

     I began to run back and the same thing from before happened. Why was I suddenly super-athletic?

     I reached the other side and my team ran over to me and praised me, they seemed surprised as I was but they didn't say anything about it.

     Eli walked up to me and we kissed a little, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held my cheek with one hand. When it was over he grabbed my arm and raised it into the air, as if though I was the champion of some tournament. Everyone cheered and the gym teacher seemed a bit proud of me. Especially since during gym I normally pant and slow down constantly.

     Did I acquire something more than wings?

The End

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