Allison was a normal girl her whole life, besides her strange back pains shes never been out of the ordinary. She has friends, good grades, a somewhat steady relationship, a normal family and a normal life. At least until one night she finally has a secret, a wonderful secret and yet at the same its dangerous. A secret that gets bigger and bigger everyday, what will she do when it's too big to hide?

     I squeezed my eyes shut and grimaced. The pains we're back stronger than ever. So much that I could feel a limb spasm every once in a while. I tried my best not to cry out into the darkness.

     It all started started on my seventh birthday.

I stood in the front porch with my parents, waving our friends and relatives goodbye. My mother slipped my small hand into hers and knelt in from of me, before pecking my cheek.

"Happy birthday sweetie" My cheeks were glowing with happiness. I was glad to have been able to live yet another year, and receive even more toys. We walked into the house, the three of us hand by hand, but once I took a step in the doorway my smile disappeared. My eyes closed and pain coursed through my body, before I fell into unconsciousness. I've suffered through my pain ever since.

     Tears pooled in my eyes and I held in a whimper. My shirt clung to my skin, which was covered in beads of cold sweat.

     Suddenly it felt as if though someone was tearing my skin. It was stretching, and changing. And is quickly as it began, it was soon gone.

     I slowly sat up and closed my eyes. I felt a peculiar. As if there was something, like an extra layer of clothes. It was light, but I knew it was there.

     I stepped out of the warmth of my bed and walked towards my mirror. Moonlight streamed through the windows and reflected on it's surface. I carefully pulled off my top and turned to stare at my back.

     My fingers grew numb. The cloth slipped out of my fingers and the numbness spread all through my body. I was frozen still, a shaky breath escaped from my gaping mouth. Two feathers floated down and landed on the carpet.

     There on my back between my shoulder-blades we're a pair of small gray feathered wings.

     "They couldn't be real could they?" I whispered softly, "Could they really be attached to me?"

     I reached up and tried to pluck a feather which resulted in pain flashing behind my eyelids, they were real alright. I felt as if though I had some limb to command. Like an extra arm or leg. I concentrated on that feeling and imagined the flap of a birds wings.

Up. Down. Up. Down.

     Immediately they responded and stirred cold air onto my bare back. It tickled my skin and a small smile dimpled my cheek. It was like a dream. I wasn't sure whether it was a good one or a bad one but,

I had grown a pair of wings on my 16th birthday.

The End

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