Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two

I wasn’t sure exactly when it was I came to. All I can remember is struggling to overcome the black, and soon enough I managed; the darkness rushed away as I forced my eyes open.

“Mia? Mia!” I heard a voice behind me as I twitched, trying to bring my body back under my control. How long was I out?

“Stay still Mia, you hit your head quite badly when you passed out. Try to move slowly,” I heard- was that the Nurse? I think it was. My head was still a little messed up.

“What…” I began, my mouth a little dry as the words caught in my throat. I coughed. “What the hell happened?” I spoke slowly; my body was still off in its own little world. I think my legs were asleep.

“You fainted earlier,” the Nurse said. “Your little dove’s been going mad.”

Sure enough, I heard her cooing agitatedly beside me. I briefly wondered if she was indeed female, but decided to brush that off until later. After all, now hardly seemed the time for a friendly chat about my dove’s gender.

While I was off pondering in my head, the Nurse seemed to have phoned someone. “Yes. Yes I have her here; she just woke up a few minutes ago. Alright, send them down, I think they can be excused for this reason.”

A couple minutes later, the door burst open. “Mia what did you do to yourself?!”

I looked up, confused. “… Erin? What in the name of donkey shoes are you doing here?”

“Oi, what about us?” Two other people came in.

“Sebastian? Calum? Oi…” I looked at the nurse. She was smiling slyly. “Miss, what…?”

“They were worried about you when you fainted. I agreed to call their teacher whenever you woke up.” She sat down at her desk. “It’s sixth period so you all might as well go bring your stuff down; I have a feeling you won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

“Mia… What happened?” Sebastian asked, a soft expression on his face. Hmm. I’d never seen that before.

“Honestly, I have no idea.” I winced as I sat up. My head swam a little but it wasn’t too bad. “One minute I was fine, and the next, my head was in agony and I’m passing out.” I sighed. “Had a damn strange dream to boot.”

Unknown to me, Sebastian and Erin shared a furtive glance.

“What kind of dream?” Calum asked quietly, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“I don’t know, I don’t understand it at all,” I picked up my dove. She really needed a name now, I can’t just keep calling her ‘my dove’. “I was standing somewhere I didn’t recognise, some back street of London I guessed. It was in the middle of a storm, and a group of what looked like doctors or scientists were huddled around a little girl. Before I knew it, my head was pounding again and then, it’s as if I was seeing from the eyes of that girl.”

Sebastian and Erin exchanged even more desperate glances.

“What happened then?” Calum urged me on.

I wrinkled my nose a little as I tried to remember. Already it seemed a little dull, even though it really should have been the freshest thing in my mind, being so vivid a dream. “Everything I knew seemed to wash away, I’m soaking wet and then suddenly I’m running away from the scientists. I tripped up soon after and I’m guessing they knocked me out. That’s all I can remember.”

“Oh well, you know, at least it was just a dream, right?” Calum smiled. “You’re alright now, right?”

I smiled back. He really was too sweet. It’s almost as if he’ll break with the slightest pressure. Like blown glass. “I’m fine now. I guess you’re right, about that dream.”

What scared me more than anything else though, was the overwhelming sense of reality that flowed from it. I don’t know how I knew, but I just knew; that was not a dream.

It was one of my earlier memories. That little girl… That was me.

Fifteen minutes later, I was on my way home with Erin. Sebastian and Calum had gone the other way, their houses being in the same general direction, while Erin’s was closer to my own.

“I can’t believe you’re keeping that dove, you silly thing,” Erin laughed.

“What? She wants to stay with me! Right little one?” I giggled when the dove cooed happily, snuggling into my neck.

We chatted animatedly up until Erin left down the street her house was on. Mine was a little further on, so I waved goodbye and continued on by myself.

Before I could stop it, I found myself wondering about my memory again. It had been plaguing me since I woke up. Why now, of all times, would I remember something from my past?

I chewed my bottom lip, troubled.

I’m an amnesiac. The first ten years of my life were a complete mystery to me, and I could only ever remember one small memory; white feathers falling down around me from a blue sky. Now, however, something had triggered a response to my mind. I’d gone to countless therapists who tried to induce the same thing, but they all failed.

I looked down at my hands. For some reason, I had tried to run away from a group of doctors of scientists. And again, for some reason unknown to me, they had knocked me out. Most likely they took me back to whatever it was I was trying to run away from in the first place, although I suppose I can never make assumptions.

If I were to judge what age I was on how I felt back in that memory, I would probably guess I was about six or seven. That gives me a very, very vague idea of when in my life that memory occurred. Now I just had to find a way to trigger the rest-

My thoughts were interrupted by a shadow falling across my form.

“Hey there!” A deep but playful voice reached my ears.

I nervously looked up to find a teenager around my age standing in front of me, smiling.

Average height, lithe build and relatively short, dirty-blonde hair, he wasn’t anything special. Upon further inspection, however, there was a certain air around him that seemed to draw people in like metal to a magnet. It wasn’t charm, it seemed far more surreal than that. Maybe it was his eyes - such a beautiful, dark chocolate colour with a mischievous twinkle. Whatever it was, it started to affect me, and I found myself smiling back. “Hi. Um, who are you?”

He grinned. “My name’s Cail. I’m transferring to your school tomorrow, I think.”

Must have been the uniform. The green and black colours weren’t exactly difficult to miss after all.

“Oh I see, I’ve heard about you!” I laughed. “Everyone’s been raving on about you for almost a week.”

“Really?” He laughed. “I made that much of an impression?”

“Apparently so,” I grinned cheekily. My dove cooed unhappily as my shoulders shook with a giggle.

Cail snickered. “Well we’ll see tomorrow, won’t we?” He saluted me, which I found rather adorable. “Will I see you tomorrow?” He added, almost as an afterthought.

“I should expect so, unless I come down with some horrible disease within the next few hours,” I smiled cheekily.

He grinned again. “So does that mean you’ll be my guide around the school then?”

“That depends on whose form class you get put in. If you’re in mine, then sure! Otherwise the teacher you’ll get will just pick whoever,” I waved a hand around to illustrate my point.

His face fell slightly. “Oh… well that kinda sucks. Still, there’s hope yet!” He posed dramatically, and I soon found myself laughing again.

He offered to walk me home, which I agreed to easily. His charm just overflowed, and I was immediately caught in his addictive web. He was just so friendly! All my doubts were washed away after talking to him briefly. He really was as lovely as everyone made him out to be. Talking to him was just so simple, and I felt like I could trust him already.

We chatted all the way to my house, where he insisted on being a gentleman at my door, much to my embarrassment.

“But it’s the proper way to treat a lady!” He cried while smiling, showing he was joking.

“I don’t care, it’s embarrassing!” My face burned, but I was smiling too.

“Still!” He whined.

Eventually I gave in. He took my hand and, true to a gentleman’s custom, kissed it lightly.

As much as I am flustered to admit it, just looking at him is… pleasing. He was generally very handsome, with rugged features like his wild hair. He had one of those smiles, a body that seemed like he didn’t particularly feel like hiding due to his shirt that just about showed everything off, and his chocolate-brown eyes had a spark to them I couldn’t quite place my finger on. I just knew I rather liked it.

What he did next though, totally threw me. After kissing my hand he decided to - oh yes, he did - kiss my cheek.

My face literally burned. Bidding a quick farewell to Cail, I disappeared inside my house, into the safe haven where he wouldn't be able to hear my racing heart. Outside I heard him chuckle quietly before his light steps drew away from the door.

I sighed, my muscles relaxing. Lifting a tentative hand to my cheek, a smile crept onto my face, my nails tickling the hot skin. A soft cooing reminded me of my little white dove, who was now nuzzling her way into my neck. Dumping my bag down and slipping my shoes off, I scratched her breast with my forefinger and made my way upstairs. Mum wasn't home anyway; she works late most weekdays. I don't mind this really, as it gives me some time to myself.

As I sat down on my bed, I lifted a forefinger up for my dove to move onto. She hopped onto it lightly, cooing happily as I used my other hand to tickler her back gently. "You need a name, little one," I spoke to her softly.

She bobbed her head, lively. Smiling, I thought of possible names. "Something nice and simple. It's harder to think of one than I thought." I sighed.

A thought struck me just as she cooed louder. "How about Gwen?" She cooed indignantly. "No? Rosa?" Another. "Wow you're a fussy one," I giggled playfully while she nipped me softly. "Well then, what about Rim?"

A lively bob and a ruffling of her feathers somehow told me she rather liked it. "Arabic for 'White' huh? Cultural," I teased lightly. One wing brushed my hand almost like a bird version of a mock slap. "Alright, alright!" I laughed. "Now, I think it'd be best to go to the pet store so I can get you some food and a place to sleep. My shoulder won't be very good for you if I'm sleeping."

Getting up, I set the newly named Rim onto my bed's headboard so I could get changed into a comfortable pair of baggy jeans, plain white spaghetti-strap top and a black and red shirt left open at the front on top. I brushed my hair again quickly to restore some order to it, grabbed my black and gold Henley's hoodie just in case it got colder, gathered Rim up again and went back downstairs.

Glancing at the clock in the kitchen, I wondered if my mum would be on her break yet so I could phone her. It was just coming up to quarter to four, so I wasn't sure, but I figured it was worth a try. I had to ask her about Rim.

Grabbing my mobile out of my schoolbag, I ringed her number quickly. No answer. She must still be on her first shift.

Deciding to pass the time until four by searching out my shoulder bag (and consequently, my purse), I scoured the house. It took me almost ten minutes to find it, but find it I did. I didn't have much money, but if Mum was feeling generous she might let me use some of the money I spotted left on the counter in the kitchen. I had no idea how much I'd need, but if it was really necessary then I could go back again after school the next day.

Picking up the phone again, I rang my mum's number again. She answered this time.


I smiled. "Hey, Mum. It's me."

"Mia? Is something the matter?" She sounded a little worried. I hardly ever call her when she's working, I suppose.

"No, everything's fine, I just needed to quickly talk to you about something that happened today. You see, there was a bit of trouble-" She was silent as I explained what had happened.

"You rescued a bird?" She sounded a little disbelieving.

"Yes, a dove. She doesn't want to leave me anymore, and I was hoping that I could keep her," I made the effort to sound a bit sheepish. I felt guilty about calling just for this, but it was necessary.

"Well... For now, yes. Can you at least wait until I get home before we talk about this in detail?"

That was fair enough, I guess.

"M'kay. I'm going to go and get some milk though, we've ran out."

After saying goodbye, I hung up and slipped my phone into my jeans pocket.

While I took out five pounds from my purse, Rim preened herself on my shoulder. As an afterthought, I decided it would probably be best if she wasn't with me while I went out.

"Rim, I think it'd be a good idea if you stayed here while I go for milk. For starters you can't fly yet, and I doubt the shopkeeper will think highly of birds coming into his shop."

She seemed to understand, bobbing her head and ruffling her feathers.

"I won't be long, it's only around the corner," I smiled as I let her perch on the back of a dining chair.

Leaving Rim behind in the house, I shut the kitchen door and headed out into the hall. Slipping on my favourite white trainers, I tied the sleeves of my hoodie around my waist and left the house, locking it as I went.

Not two minutes outdoors and already I was walking down the street with a spring in my step and a song echoing quietly through my head. Humming softly to myself, I smiled. Another couple of minutes and I had turned the corner to find a surprise.

"Ouch!" I gasped as I ran into something- or rather, someone. "Oh I'm so sorry! I should have been watching where I was going!" Whoever I'd bumped into had dropped some sheets of paper. Lucky it wasn't windy at all today.

As I dropped to my knees to help pick them back up, I saw the boy - for it was a boy - do the same. A quick glance upwards and I saw something quite breathtaking.

He was beautiful.

That probably sounds insulting really, but as I helped him pick up the rest of his stuff, I could barely concentrate. I wasn't attracted to him like I was to Cail (I almost blushed at the very thought of him), but his beauty was just so eye-opening and seemed so otherworldly. Chocolatey brown hair falling in gentle waves around his face, skin that looked like silk, half-lidded green eyes, and a gentle gaze.

I felt like I knew him from somewhere, but couldn't put my finger on what that was. As we stood up and I handed him the files I'd gathered up, he smiled. At that moment I felt something drawing me to him, almost as if he was my brother.

"Thank you, miss," said a voice as sweet as heaven itself. "I'm sorry I bumped into you."

"No, that was my fault," I hurriedly amended. "I wasn't looking where I was going. It was only right I should help you."

His lips curved upwards again. "May I ask your name, miss?"

"M-Mia," I stuttered a little. "My name's Mia," I said again with less of a waver.

"You have a beautiful name, Mia." Another soft smile graced his features. "I'm very sorry to cut things short, but I should get going. My superior will be displeased if I am late."

As he stepped lightly around me, I turned to face him. "Wait! You never told me your name!"

He smiled knowingly. "I'm sure we'll meet again, Mia." And then he was gone.

The End

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