Featherdance: The First FlightMature

Five years after I really began living again, my unknown past starts coming back to haunt me. My best friends are acting strange, there's a new boy in school (total hottie, by the way), and to top it off, my amnesia seems to be wearing thin. The struggle can only get harder when you're a teenager, I guess. More so when you don't know who you are.



White flecks dancing down around me, falling gently from the endless blue skies, their eternal song silent to all, yet their music soothing to all.

When they stop falling, fluttering gently to the ground, their music stops.

These feathers were no different. Soft white strands swayed with the calm breeze, each one making their own melody to sing with the chorus of each feather.

Someone once told me that there has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it. Looking back on this memory of the tiny untainted performers floating down, surrounding me, I couldn’t help but wonder, not why evil exists, but why it pertains against good. Every fairy tale has a hero or a heroine, and each always has a villain to overcome, which, being fairy tales, they always do. So why didn’t the bad guys give up and say ‘I can’t win against you’ even when sometimes, they already knew it?

Someday, I would find out. However, sometimes things are never quite that perfect.

Life isn’t a fairy tale.

The End

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