Feather Drops

Fate... Karma... what do you blame when your life turns up side down?

I never really knew her... I always used to look at from a distance, but I never had the courage to ask her. She was so beautiful; her chestnut hair flew around her in the slightest breeze and she was so delicate – I always loved her from afar.

We had a few classes together... gosh she was so smart and funny and when she laughed  her smile... it lit up the room, everyone loved her but – not like I did. She had the most beautiful green eyes; they were so vibrant like the new leaves on the oak tree that grew outside her house. She was like a breath of spring and the warmth of summer... I was such a fool.

I remember...

I wish I didn’t.

I won’t ever forget it. The day when she...The words feel like a lump in my throat, but I have to force them out; if I don’t, I fear I might choke on them, she wouldn’t want that. I know it.

The day she left me I got a call on my mobile – unknown number. I answered it and the voice on the other side sounded distressed. Rose Carter was in hospital. I rushed straight there, even though I was running as fast as I could, it didn’t seem fast enough. “Why me?” I wondered how out of the billions of people in the world I was chosen. The journey was a blur all I remember was how pallid she looked.

She was laid there, all wrapped in white. Her brown hair was limp and lifeless around her pale face and her eyes only glimmered with the slightest hope. I pushed down the handle and slowly pushed.  My heart beat fast as my eyes met hers; I wasn’t sure if it was the love or the fear as she reached out for me. Her angelic whisper was dulled by her rasping breath as she muttered my name.

I took her hand and knelt at her bedside, “I have something... I wanted to ask you,” a faint blush pushed into her cheeks as she smiled nervously, “see I never had the courage to ask you... I fear it’s too late.”

“Anything,” I murmured and I almost saw her eyes light up again – Almost.

She looked out the window, past me to the bright midday sky. A slight wind made a tree knock on the window and she smiled as she watched. “I love you, but you see,” I smiled encouragingly at her and she looked down at my hand, clasped round hers. “I’ve never been kissed.”

I was unsure why she had me brought here, I adored her but she seemed like an unattainable dream like trying to reach the end of a rainbow. She had been missing from lessons for one month, one week and six days. But I had never guessed why...

Her eyes looked into mine and she blushed even more furiously, “I love you too, Rose...” I murmured. I had religiously spent my life making sure no one did her wrong. But I still felt like everything was going quickly, was it even possible that she felt the same way about me? I had never even thought it had been possible and yet here she was.

I gently traced my lips against hers, she was stone cold. I saw her smile and I took the seat by her bedside. “Thank you,” she murmured with an absent giggle, “I’ve been waiting a long time to do that.”

“Yes, me too,” I smiled back, still gripping her hand, careful of the I.V.



The night drew on and her grip slowly loosened, our diverse conversation drawing to a close as she let out a petit yawn. I kissed her forehead, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. “Don’t worry,” I promised, “I’ll protect you from all the demons in this world and when you wake up in the morning I will take you far away from this illness and we’ll live in a cottage out near the lake and plant lots of roses and feed the ducks,” being seventeen, it was a little out of my reach but seeing her smile widen made it seem as though we were already so close, “with the woods just nearby so you can see all the little woodland creatures...”

Her faint breathing almost made my heart stop until she started snoring slightly. The soft melody sending me to sleep as I carefully watched her chest rise and fall.

But morning came...


She never woke up.  

The End

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