Fears And Lies Melt Away

Hunger gnawed at my insides as I stalked through the silent forest.
Sunlight filtered through the green canopy of leaves overhead causing an, almost, under water scene below.      The trees stood a guards, towering over any who walked below their imprisoment of leaves, the leaflitter under foot made hardly any sound as I moved stealthly in barefoot, camoflarge paint hardened on my face as the heat intensified, all I heard meant nothing as I carried on. I loosened the, already strung, bow on my back, slung oper my shoulder, so that I carried it infront of me.
     Testing the, hazelnut oil covered, string for any sign of damage from moisture. The familiar oak and yew feeling was smooth underhand. I had the hide the steel tips before setting out to make sure that they would not give away my positions by glinting in the light, they were on each end of the bow to provide some sort of weapon in close combat, I had covered it in mud and the rest of my bow in greenery. Underneath the greenery eratict patterns worked their way up and down the bow.
     I took time to become memorized in the sheer beauty, a Dragon wound its way downwards towards the ground stopping in the middle of the bow, every scale carved to realistic showing.
    A Phonix, in turn, wrapped its wings around the bow as it took on the warrior embrance to face the Dragon coming down on it, fire flew from it's tail as the Phonix was once again carved with the greatest detail.
   A small hole sat in between the two Beast's interlocking gazes, something should be held there but whatever that something was had been stolen.
   The sheer beauty of the bow was in no way comparable to anything else.
Hunger threatened to withdraw my strength as I snapped back to the here and now, I stalked again in the underwater scene of the watching forest.

The End

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