"Mia, let's have a conversation."

How should I start?  "How long have you been up here Mia?"  She sniffled and answered in a weak voice, "I don't know.  A couple of hours."  Christ.  This girl wasn't serious about jumping.  She's just up here having a pity party.  Too bad for her, there's only one way down now. 

I got seriously pee-oed when I realized what I would have to do.  If I wanted to get up there and do my business, I had to talk this girl into jumping.  Jesus H.  I don't want to hurt anyone!  Why do these things always happen to me? 

"So why don't you tell me why you're doing this." I started.  She got defensive immediately.  "Why? So you can try and talk me out of it?"  She still didn't get it about the ladder.  "Well," I said, "not really."

The End

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